His Kids Story-time

Join us for His Kids Story-time where we will read stories, sing songs and learn nursery rhymes! Parent will accompany their child for an engaging, enjoyable time, introducing children to the wonders of reading! Free to children 2-4 years old.

Story-Time​... will be returning Fall of 2019.  See you then!


Builds new skills and interests

Develops self-confidence

Supports the whole child

New for the 2019-2020 school year at His Kids Christian Preschool...

8 Week Enrichment Sessions

First Session starting 9/30/19, ending 11/22/19

Second Session starting 1/6/20, ending 2/28/20

Third Session starting 3/16/20, ending 5/15/20

Mondays:  Book Club

Our pre-readers deserve book clubs too!  A simply and fun way to connect pre-readers with books in a social setting.  Reading, acting out stories, writing our own story and crafts are all the exciting things they will do at Book Club.  

Wednesdays: STEAM/Social Studies

A great way to share the exciting world of science, building, exploring and geography using hands on lessons and experiments that connect with prekinders!

Fridays:  The Arts

Prekinders will have fun developing the skills and techniques of drawing, painting and imaginative crafts.  They will use a variety of mediums while exploring different techniques such as blending colors and re-using items. The planning and process will be emphasized rather than the product. 

Click here for more information on our Enrichment Sessions.